The Vision Behind the Brand
Our Story
Our Vision
Sun and Sea Vietnam group would like to share with you the Vietnam Feeling in the best way.
We believe in hospitality! Our team will give you the opportunity to experience Vietnam through its culture of traditional and friendly hospitality.

Relax and enjoy your time at our private sandy beach. Our team will offer you sunbeds and towels. Moreover, you can enjoy a drink while you are taking a sunbath.

For your convenience, our team can speak a few languages.
Experience the Real Vietnam
Sun and Sea Leisure Hotel built a package of activities so our guests can experience Vietnam in the best way. Fishing with the local fisherman’s of Vung Tau, enjoy the special thermal baths Vietnam has to offer, have a taste from the local sake distillery and have a tour at the amazing Buddha temples.
Experience the culture of Vietnam by going through the local markets, temples and the beautiful beaches Vung Tau has to offer.

Our team can assist you to have a boat trip along the shore from Vung Tau marina.

Our hotel is offering a full-service minivan to travel along the city and to experience the beauty of it.